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S.B.S Business Services founder Lewis Myers spent a number of years in service based businesses with blue chip accounts.  This experience has provided S.B.S. Business Services with a good commercial based background.For a complete review of our services Click here

Why Outsource?

In order to obtain and maintain a competitive edge more and more businesses are now outsourcing non core tasks. One of the main benefits of outsourcing is that it allows businesses to streamline their operations making them more dynamic without an adverse effect on operations.

Bookkeeping and payroll are ideal, but not the only functions to outsource, they are non core activities that can easily be separated from the rest of the business and as a result the operational costs of the business are reduced.

Research has identified that the following factors influence the choice to outsource

Our services include:


Utilising time efficiently – outsourcing can release an owner or administrator for other functions where they can be more cost effective

It’s much cheaper – outsourcing to an agency is quite often cheaper than employment. Fees are agreed and fixed in advance, no nasty surprises

Inadequate in house skills – the business may have a skills gap that can be solved by outsourcing

An improvement in quality of service and delivery

An improvement in operational focus

Increased flexibility

Reliability – in knowing that an administrative function is subject to the quality controls imposed

Easier to facilitate change









Many businesses cannot justify the cost of a full time accounts function and find that the time required keeping on top of invoices, payments, receipts, wages and all of the other paperwork associated with running a business get in the way of…..running the business!

What next?

We will gladly arrange an informal meeting at which time we can assess how outsourcing could benefit your business by discussing: